Clogs are made traditionally in the family Koop. It all started around 1900.

The company was founded by Graet's Koop and clogs were anno 1900 largely made by hand. By industrialization, however, machines increasingly were used to manufacture the clogs. In the 1950s, the company passed from father to son. Hendrik Koop waved the scepter until the 80’s. Under his wings the company grew into a company with six employees. Modern time and the more modern footwear unfortunately forced him back into shrinking his company. From the 1970s Johnny Koop – third generation- is busy with the manufacturing of the clogs. Of course, in a modern way with semi-automatic machines. The old handcraft is also still in the bloodline, it remains possible to manufacture the clogs by hand. Besides the clogs factory there is an exhibition area and reception space.  Johnny has always taken pride in making clogs, not only mechanically but also by hand. So the real artisan handwork. Many old tools and old machines are therefore from different regions of Netherlands brought together in the exhibition area. Currently, klompenmakerij Koop is a real family business. The clogs are machined for larger companies. The clogs can also be created manually. However, this is very labor intensive.  When you cycle in the surroundings, please feel free to take a look in the klompenmakerij. However, it is not possible to explain and have a tour; this can only be discussed in advance. The klompenmakerij currently has many tours per year.

The klompenmakerij is located just outside De Lutte, in a quiet environment. There are ways besides visiting the klompenmakerij for other activities, see also guided tours. There is sufficient parking for both cars as coach. 

Making the clogs manually clogs belongs to the National Inventory Immaterial Heritage of Unesco !!